Louisa 4-H
4-H is a strong and growing program in Louisa County. Programs are open to youth ages 5-18 and the topics 4-H cover are boundless! We can meet the interests of most any child - from leadership, public speaking and livestock, to finances, pets, the environment and quilting! And this is by no means an exhaustive list - as long as the topic is safe and appropriate, bring us your ideas and 4-H can help you get started.

4-H is open to all who wish to participate. No matter your background, ability or status, we have a place for you in 4-H! We are continually striving to diversify our program, bringing together youth from all races, ethnicities, geographic areas of the county, family situations, etc. 4-H membership is free (though some activities require a fee) and groups will often fundraise to defray the cost of programs. One of the best parts of 4-H is the volunteer base that leads and conducts programs such as clubs, camps and workshops. Our 4-H volunteers are some of the most caring, and talented folks in the area, and 4-H youth are the ones that benefit. New volunteers are accepted throughout the year - it only takes a short application to get started. 4-H will provide the training and support necessary for you to excel as a volunteer. Contact the Louisa Extension Office at (540) 967-3422 or email jthomp05@vt.edu.
The Louisa County 4-H and FFA Livestock Show and Sale is open to Louisa County 4-H members who meet the requirements of the Louisa 4-H and FFA Livestock Show Rules produced by the rules committee and provided by Louisa County Virginia Cooperative Extension. For more information on how to become involved, please contact Louisa County VCE at (540) 967-3422.

If you are interested in being a supporter at the 2017 Livestock Sale, please email livestock@louisacountyagfair.com.
Mark your calendars!!!
July 28 - July 29 2017
Bottle Babies
Children ages 4-8 are invited to bring their Bottle Baby goat, lamb, pig, or calf to the fair and show off their talent in the livestock ring. 
Entries must be born before July 14th.  Trophies will be presented to all participants courtesy of The Hoffman Kids.
For additional information contact Ben & Tabatha Smith at tbtsmith@firstva.com.
Were you a member of the local 4-H or FFA Livestock program and remember the days you spent in the show ring?  Well here's a chance for your chance to live those days one more time.  Sign up for the "Old Timers" classes at the Fair!  Never shown an animal before?  That's ok to, this class is designed for all of the adults who are still "young at heart" and want to try their hand at showing an animal.  Participants will be judged on their showmanship skills while showing a goat, hog, cow or sheep.  The "Old Timers' classes will be held directly following the Livestock Show on Saturday July 29th.
-  Must be 19 years of age prior to July 29 2017.
-  $10 entry fee per class/species.  (Entry fees are a donation to the Louisa 4-H Livestock Club)
-  Entry fee must be paid at registration.
-  Contestants must sign up at the livestock ring by 9:30am July 29th.
-  Contestants must designate which species they wish to show at the time of registration.
-  Contestants must coordinate use of an animal with the youth owner of the  animal.
Old Timers Class
Come watch as the participants in the Jr. Livestock Show take a break from the hard work of caring for their animals to have a little fun in the Costume Show!  Join in the excitement as both exhibitor and animal "dress up" and compete in a competition judged by you, the spectators.  Costume show will be immediately following the Livestock Show on Friday Afternoon.
-  Both exhibitor and animal must be in costume.
-  The animals may not be clipped/dyed/altered in any way that would detract from their appearance during the showmanship, market, and breeding classes that they are entered in at the livestock show.
-  This is a family event.  Please sue your discretion when selecting costumes.  If the costume is considered inappropriate the exhibitor will be disqualified.
-  The costume must be safe for both the exhibitor and the animal.  Any costume that is deemed unsafe will be disqualified. 
-  Contestants must sign up at the Livestock Ring prior to 12pm Friday July 28th.
Costume Class