2017 Contests
Pie Eating - Sponsored by John David Gibson and Tory Williams
Hog Calling
Calf Roping
Bubble Gum Blowing
Husband Calling
Corn on the Cob Eating
Frozen T-Shirt - Sponsored by Louisa Cleaners
Crosscut Saw
Tot Trot & Baby Crawling - Sponsored by Fabric Hut & Gift Gallery
Nail Driving
Hay Bale Toss - Sponsored by JB Vaughan Jr. Excavating
Frog Jumping - Sponsored by Louisa Auto Parts
Watermelon Seed Spitting
Bean Drop
Checkers Tournament
Kids Corn Hole Tournament - Sponsored by Robinson Farmer Cox Associates
Adult Corn Hole Tournament - Sponsored by Robinson Farmer Cox Associates
Potato Sack Races - Sponsored by Maddox Fee Store
Out to Dry Laundry Race - Sponsored by Carol Coleman
Kiddie Tractor Pull - Sponsored by Virginia Tractor
Mark your calendars!!!
July 28 - July 29 2017
Miss Corn Tassel & Mr. Corn Stalk
Pageant for the Country Girl & Young Farm Boys. The contest will have 3 age groups for girls 4-8, 9-12 & 13-16 and a single age group for boys 4-8. Come on your best "farm wear". Talent will also be judged in this contest and should be barnyard related. So be creative! Cash & Prizes will be awarded for each division.
Sponsored by Ann's Styles Unlimited
Barnyard Tea Party
Stop by the Games Tent Saturday at 12:30pm for a barnyard themed tea party with hay bale tables and farm themed goodies to eat and drink!
Vegetable Races
A soap box car derby style race with homemade vegetable cars! Test out your vegetable creation against others to see who has the fastest veggie car!

1. Weight classes - under 1.5lb, 1.5 - 2.5lbs, 2.51 - 4lbs.
2. Race car must be made of vegetables and must be the main part of the entry.
3. Decorate & name your racer. (special award for best design)
4. The vegetable must be no longer the 12" with decorations extending no further than 1" in front of the vegetable. Entire racer must must be no wider than 8" in total.
5. Wheel axles must be incorporated into the vegetable itself. Racers with a vegetable attached to an existing "vehicle" that rolls will be disqualified.
6. Vegetable racer must have 3-4 wheels. Wheels can be of any type, wooden, metal, vegetable, etc
7. Each racer must be self propelled, no motors or auxiliary propulsion.
8. Vegetable racer must be sturdy enough to compete in multiple races.

Don't have time to make a racer - stop by the games tent Friday and make one before the races begin!
Hen Hours Egg Hunt
Kids up to 4yrs old, make sure to stop by the games tent for a hen house egg hunt on Friday morning. Kids will collect eggs for the "hen house" and get awesome prizes!
Sponsored by The Wee Farm
Farmer Boot Camp
Test your team work and athleticism with our new Farmer's Boot Camp! Run through a time obstacle course where you work as a team to complete farm related tasks. Clear hay hurdles, roll wagon tiers, scoop up corn and more!

This contest is for adults with two age categories ages 18-30 and 31 and over.
Campfire, S'mores and Sing Along
Stop by the games tent Friday & Saturday evenings for marshmallow roasting and campfire singing during the evening bands.
                               Sponsored by
        Patty Madison for Clerk of Circuit Count (Friday)
           Christ Reformed Baptist Church (Saturday)
Congratulations to our 2017 Winners!!!






Kid’s Corn Hole – Team

Nate King/Sarah Seay

Victoria Cook/Caleb Berg


Hog Calling – 10 & Under

Katherine Kaiser

Glenn Thompson


Hog Calling – 11 to 18

Victoria Cook

Jeremy Cook


Hog Calling – 19 & Up

Jenny Thompson

John Thompson


Pizza Eating

Caleb Berg



Adult Pizza Eating

Myra Cook



Corn on the Cob – 12 & Under

Abigail Amick

Ella Berg


Con of the Cob – 13 & Up Men

Oto Lopez

Jed Cook


Corn on the Cob – 13 & Up Women

Myra Cook

Mary Vasquez


Veggie Races Under 1.49 lbs

Livia Richardson

Braxton Nemec


Veggie Races 1.5 - 2 lbs

Hannah Cook

Juliana Davis


Veggie Races 2.51 - 4 lbs

Grisson Edwards

Ellen Roson/Dara Jo Sharpe


Cross Cut Saw – Youth 12-15

Jed & Jeremy Cook Jr

Shane Brooks & Cole Loudin

Victoria Cook & Caleb Berg

Cross Cut Saw – Women 16 & Up

Mary Haney & Christina Richardson

Mary Haney & Cheryl Sgarrella

Casey Davis & Myra Cook

Ross Cut Saw – Men 16 & Up

Ben Richardson & Jr Janey

Jeremy Cook Sr & Lowry Davis

Lowry Davis & Jeremy Cook Jr

Cross Cut Saw – Jack and Jill

Jr Janey & Christina Richardson

Ben & Christina Richardson

Mar & Jr Haney

Frozen T-Shirt

Jed Cook

Casey Davis


Watermelon Eating – Kids

Izzy Capozella



Watermelon Eating – Adult

Myra Cook



Hay[C1]  Bale Toss – Women 16 & Up

Myra Cook

Kelly Berg


Hay Bale Toss – Men 16 & Up

Jeremy Cook Sr

Nate King


Calf Roping 10 & Under

Izzy Capozella

Levi Wilson


Calf Roping 11 – 18

Jed Cook

Carey Seay


Calf Roping 19 & Up

Hunter Watkins



Adult Corn Hole – Single

Travis Wood

Caleb Wood


Adult Corn Hole – Team

Chip & Alex Fletcher

Travis & Caleb Wood